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Q: What type of accommodations will we have?

A: The most important qualities we look for in our accommodations are:

    1) Location, location, location! We love being close to all the action so it's easy for us to walk from our hotel's doorstep to major attractions, dining options, and shopping.

    2) Cleanliness! At GTE we heavily research hotel reviews and ratings to ensure we not only walk away with a positive experience but an amazing one! 

    3) A great value! To help us our keep our amazing trip costs low (we pride ourselves on how awesome our trip prices are!), we dig deep to find chic hotels in the heart of the action.

Q: Is airfare included in the price?

A: In most cases airfare is not included as price can vary greatly from timing of booking, airfare sales vs average prices, and departure airport. The great news is we can help you monitor flight prices; see the next question below.


Q: Will GTE help me find the best airfare?

A: Absolutely! For guests who have already paid their trip deposit, GTE will be happy to help you monitor flight prices from your preferred airport to help you snag the best deal. 

Q: Are meals included? 

A: Typically breakfast is included in our trip packages unless otherwise noted. Sometimes lunch may also be provided on tour days, but this is also dependent upon the nature and length of the tour. Our trip descriptions will always note if there are additional meals included in the itinerary.

Q: Do we get free time to shop or have a relaxing day at our own pace?

A: Absolutely! Depending upon the length of the trip, our arrival day is focused on settling in and relaxing with a meet-up for dinner and a little of bit of sight seeing in the evening. Then, we typically have another relaxing/chill day on the 4th day and then the final full day of our trip. Shop, wander, choose what to do with your free time! 

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